John David Galt - Homemade Battlelands for Titan

These Battlelands are an extension of "The Badlands", which were published in Avalon Hill Game Company's now-defunct magazine The General, Volume 26, Number 4.  (Titan ® is out of print, but was published and copyrighted by Avalon Hill, which is now part of Hasbro.  I am merely a fan.)

"The Badlands" is an expansion that adds a second Battleland for each terrain type in the game, except the following.  For Plains, three new Battlelands (Fort, Town, and Waterhole) are added; for Hills, Mountains, and Tower, no new Battlelands are added.

I have taken it on myself to remedy these omissions, and also to fix two errors.  The Fort map, as The General published it, used darker coloring for higher map elevations, violating the "darker = lower" rule which all other Battlelands follow.  (Bruno Wolff, who was AH's official answer person at the time, confirms this view.)  The Town map did not bother to indicate elevation at all.  I have modified both maps to fix these problems, and I include the results here.

Speaking of Bruno Wolff, I highly recommend his Titan Home Page as the definitive source for all answers related to Titan.  He also provides a die-roll server that can be used to play Titan by e-mail.

All maps are provided both as Corel Draw files, and as black and white PDF images.  I suggest you do as I did:  Print each one out on 8.5x11 or A4 card-stock of the same color as the corresponding spaces on the Masterboard, and then trim them to 8 x 11 inches so that they'll fit in the game box.

Get Acrobat Reader Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, free.  (Maps may not display correctly in versions of Acrobat Reader older than 4.0.)

Download my Battlelands:
Fort: Corel Draw PDF
Town: Corel Draw PDF
Hills: Corel Draw PDF
Mountains: Corel Draw PDF
Tower: Corel Draw PDF

Text versions of all battlelands: (use a fixed-spaced font to view)
Original battlelands (39k)
The Badlands (52k) - Includes my own lands and rule clarifications for them.

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