Outpost Expert Rules

Outpost was a card game published by TimJim Games in Palo Alto, which is now out of business.  I'm told that it is unlikely to be reprinted any time soon, because the copyright ownership of the game is unclear and/or is spread among many people and they can't agree.

Be that as it may, the original author of the game published a set of Expert Rules to make the game more interesting and challenging.  The Expert Rules were not included in game sets, but were widely handed out at conventions and were also available on the TimJim/Prism Games web site, with permission to copy them freely, until that site disappeared along with the companies.  I assume that permission still holds.

The author also told me that if he ever got to reprint the game, it will come with the Expert Rules and no others.  So the Expert Rules are the wave of the future, if the game has a future.

I will not upload any other Outpost material because I don't have permission.  If you don't own the game, I'm sorry, but you will just have to find someone who has a set and is willing to sell it.

Download the Expert Rules in:
   Word 97

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