Dragon Mille Bornes, aka Death Race 1000

as played by LASFS at LosCon '92.
Writeup by John David Galt.  Any mistakes are mine.

This game is a combination of Steve Jackson Games' "Car Wars: The Card Game" and Parker Brothers' "Mille Bornes."  You need both to play.

  1. The game represents arena combat on an oval track.  The winner is the first player to go 1000 miles, or the last player left alive, whichever happens first.  No other scoring is done.

  2. Deal each of the two decks separately, and keep separate draw and discard piles for each.  Everyone begins with six MB cards and five CW cards (the standard numbers for each game), and a CW car.

  3. On your turn, you draw until you hold seven MB cards and six CW cards, then make a normal play (or discard) for each game, in either order.  All normal plays for each game are allowed, except as modified here, including the out-of-turn plays of CW Armor, CW special cards, and MB Safety Cards.  However, you never draw any cards except at the beginning of your turn, and a "Coup Fourré" does not make it your turn.  (Discards also work normally for each game; thus you may discard any number of CW cards in a single turn, but only one MB card per turn; and in either case, the discard takes the place of your one play of a card from that game in the turn.)

    Machine guns are unjammed by discarding your entire CW hand; you need not discard any MB cards for this purpose (and you are still limited to one a turn).

  4. When either deck runs out, the discards are reshuffled and the game continues.  This can happen any number of times.

  5. Points that are controversial in Car Wars:

    1. The card that breaches someone's armor CAN also damage the driver.  (Example:  If you have taken 10 hits to your right side, and someone plays a "Machine Gun - Right" (3 hits) on you, the driver takes one point unless you can swerve or play Armor.)  I suggest using a die to keep track of the damage to your driver.  There is no way to fix damage to a driver.

    2. You can still play Armor cards on a breached side -- and if you have Fireproof Armor, it still protects you (it comes with fireproof underwear).

    3. Fireproof Armor does not protect your tires.  (Most people consider this a change from CW.)

    4. Called Shots cannot be directed at tires (without a Tire Shot card).

    5. You can play Armor to protect yourself when your Autocannon Backfires.

  6. Interactions between the two games:

    1. You must be moving (have a green light or "Right of Way") in order to Spin or Swerve.

    2. Losing all 9 points of tires stops your movement.  So does skidding into a wall.  Other CW damage does not affect your movement.

    3. MB disaster cards do not cause any damage.

    4. A "Repairs" card removes all hits from your car (except tires); unjams your guns; and makes it once again possible to play "Fireproof Armor" even if you took flame damage earlier.  Discard all shot, Armor, and Skid cards from your car body (but not the tires) when you play Repairs.  (You must stop moving in order to play Repairs, but you may stop voluntarily for this purpose.)

    5. A "Spare Tire" card removes all hits from your tires.  Again, you must stop moving in order to play the card (but may stop voluntarily).  Discard all shot and Swerve cards from your tires when you play "Spare Tire."

    6. The "Extra Tank" is destroyed if your armor takes any flamethrower damage.  (If your driver takes flamethrower damage, the tank explodes and you are dead!)  Furthermore, if you have fireproof armor, the tank is outside it, and can still be flamed (but the flamethrower will not do any other damage).  You may want to play Armor or swerve to protect the tank.  All other Safety Cards (and Fireproof Armor) are permanent, as usual.

      You may discard an Extra Tank on your turn, if you are afraid it may explode.

    7. The "Driving Ace" makes you immune to "Skid Into a Wall" cards.  It may be played as a "Coup Fourré" when the Skid is played on you.

  7. These cards immediately go into the discard piles for later reuse:

  8. No one can flee the arena.

  9. Optional rule: The two blank CW cards are "Oil Slick" cards.  Use them when someone fires at you.  After the shot is resolved, the shooter must make a control roll, by rolling his driver's remaining hits or less on D6.  If he fails, he skids into a wall (as the card).  The Driving Ace is not immune, but gets -1 on the die roll (and yes, you may play the Ace as a "Coup Fourré" when the Oil Slick is played on you).
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