1837 is a railroad and stock-market game by Leonhard Orgler, set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  I believe it is still available; Chris Lawson's 18xx site can tell you for sure, and has ordering information.

These files are part of the game 1837.  They are uploaded here with the kind permission of the author.

Stock Market Chart
Rules translated by Paul Work, with errata by Chris Lawson at the end.  (This is not the only version of the rules in English, but it is the one I use as authoritative.)
Summary of phase changes
Tile Upgrade Chart  This is my own version, and follows the same format as the ones in 18AL and 18GA.  Corrects six errors in the German-language version that comes with the game.  Unlike the German version this does not list how many of each tile are included in the game; therefore I've provided a separate tile inventory list.

These files pertain to the play-by-e-mail game "1837O15" I ran in the 'zine Devolution.  Write Tony Robbins to subscribe (free).

Log of the game.

Game state at the end of each round:  (PDF includes current map, remaining tiles, stock market, and player and company holdings.)
Stock Round 1
Operating Round 1
Stock Round 2
Operating Round 2
Stock Round 3
Operating Round 3
Stock Round 4
Operating Round 4
Stock Round 5
Operating Round 5a
Operating Round 5b
Stock Round 6
Operating Round 6a
Operating Round 6b
Stock Round 7
Operating Round 7a
Operating Round 7b
Stock Round 8
Operating Round 8a
Operating Round 8b
End of game

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